GI – Kids 1 to Teen (5 – 15 yrs old)


Divisions for Kids 1 (5 – 6 years) are White belt only (just one skill level).

Divisions for Kids 2 (7-8 years), Kids 3 (9 – 10 years) , Youth (11-12 years) and Teen (13 to 15 years) are White belt and Colour belts(2 skills level).

Consider Color Belt if you are training for 2 years or more.

All kids compete in a round robin bracket with a maximum of 5 competitors.

More than 5 competitors will be separated in more groups. For Kids 1 and 2, every group will have a gold medalist , silver and bronze. For Kids 3 , Youth and Teens , the winners of each group will make the finals and that weight class will only have one champion.

Both Male and Female Athletes will be separated unless we have low numbers on that division , in that case we will merge them.

*If we have 2 or more girls in one weight class we will separate them from the boys.